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League Baseball Rules
2015 Rules
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WNC Fall Ball follows Little League Rules, with the following exceptions

The Base Runner

If a player removes his helmet without timeout being called it is an automatic out. NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule unless the helmet accidentally comes off.

There are no head-first slides into a base with the exception of JUNIOR and SENIOR leagues. If a player does slide head first into a base, the player is automatically out. A player may go head-first BACK to a base in all divisions.

If there is a play at the plate the runner must slide. Failure to do so is an automatic out.

In the 2A, 3A and 4A division, the player may not leave the base until the ball has crossed the plate. A player who leaves the base before the ball crosses the plate will be sent back to the base they started from. In the case of a player who has left a base early, and there is a hit, the player who left early will be awarded only ONE base. The only exception to this is if the hit is an out of the park home run, in which case the player who left early will score.

The Batter

If a player slings his bat, there will be one team warning and the next time ANY player from that team slings his/her bat the umpire will call him out. No exceptions to this rule and the umpire's call is final.

The infield fly rule is in effect for all divisions except for 2-A and T-Ball.

All players that are on the team's roster are in the batting line-up. Example: If a team has 12 players on the roster then that team bats 12 for that game. This is mandatory for T-Ball, 2A, 3A and 4A divisions.

The Pitcher

There is no pitch-count rule.

For 3A and 4A pitchers may pitch 6 innings in a week. If a pitcher pitches 3 innings or less, they must have one days rest before pitching again. If a pitcher pitches 4 innings or more, they must have 3 consecutive days rest before pitching again.

For JR. and SR pitchers may pitch 7 inning total in a week. If a pitcher pitches 5 innings or more, they must have 3 consecutive days rest before pitching again.

No pitcher may return to the mound after being removed from the pitching position.

If a team has back to back games then the one day of rest for a pitcher is waived IF a 3A or 4A, Pitcher has pitched 3 or less innings and IF a JR or SR league pitcher has pitched 4 or less innings.

If a pitcher hits two batters in a row or three batters in a game he/she must be removed from the pitching position.

The Player

No Steel cleats except for JR and SR league.

There will be free substitutions for players. A coach can substitute a player any inning. It is mandatory that all players play at least three innings.

The Game

All divisions allow for an on deck batter.

There is a 10 run slaughter rule after 4 innings (3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead). There is a 15 run slaughter rule after 3 innings.

In the event a game is interrupted due to weather before becoming an official game, it will resume at the point of interruption.

Time limit for T-Ball games is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Time limit for 2A, 3A and 4A games is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Time limit for JR and SR league games are 1 hour and 45 minutes. No inning shall start after the time limit has expired. The umpire will be the official timekeeper. The umpire will announce the start time and game will begin from the point.

If there is a tie ball game at the end of scheduled innings or the time limit for the game will be considered a tie and each team will receive a 1/2 win.

Three innings are considered a full game except for JR and SR League where four innings will count as a full game.

In the 2A and 3A division there will be an 8 run per inning limit regardless of the number of outs, unless more runners come across plate during the last play.

Pick-up Players

Pick up players for 4A, JR and SR leagues:
A team may play a game with only 8 players; however, the team will take an out for the 9th batter.
A team may pick up only 2 players to play a regulation game. If more are picked-up, the team forfeits the game.
An opposing coach chooses a player from a lower division. A SR team may pick up a JR player and a JR team may choose a 4A player without approval from opposing coach. A pick up player may play any position.


Pick up players for 2A, 3A and T-Ball leagues:
A team may only pick up 2 players.
If a team has 8 players, the coach may pick up 2 players with no penalty.
If a team has 7 players, the coach may pick up 2 players but takes an out for the 10th batter.

If a team has 6 players, the coach may pick up 2 players but takes an out for the 9th batter and the 10th batter is eliminated.
A 2A team may pick up any T-Ball player without the approval of the opposing coach.
A 3A team may pick up a T-Ball player or a 2A player without the approval of the opposing coach.
In T-Ball 5&6 year old players do need prior approval, 4&5 year old players do not need approval.



T-Ball teams may have a catcher if that player is fully equipped with chest protector, catcher's helmet and shin guards. If a catcher is behind the plate, there must be an adult standing by to remove the Tee as soon as a ball is in play. For T-Ball, the team must supply it's own catchers equipment if they wish to have a catcher.

Fall Ball Policies

No Protest! Discrepancy about a rule will be resolved before the next pitch.

Rainouts or cancelled games will be made up on the following Wednesday unless other-wise scheduled on the web site. JR and SR league will be advised of the time and place of their make up games. Everyone is encouraged to call the hotline or visit the website to inquire about changes, or to check the web site for game times and dates due to rain-outs.

Every player will play at least six consecutive outs. Do not sub the same player every game. Rotate your lineups so everyone gets to play an equal amount of time.

Coaches are expected to act like professionals. Yelling and screaming will not be tolerated.

Help Keep Parents in check. Abusive or disruptive behavior by parents will not be tolerated. You, the coach are responsible for the actions of the parents so make sure that each parent understands the rules and expectations required by our league. If a parent cannot conduct him/herself properly the he/she will be asked to leave the park. If he/she refuses the the game will be stopped and a loss will be charged against your team. If a coach is ejected from a game then he will be suspended from the park for the next game.

The coaches are responsible for keeping the dugout and bleacher area clean. The penalty for not cleaning up after your game will be an automatic loss of your next game.

All coaches are to remain in their dugouts at all times except when coaching 1st and 3rd base and the pitcher during t-ball.

A coach must first call for a timeout with the umpire before coming out of the dugout to ask a question, voice a concern or talk to one of his players. The Umpire must acknowledge the coach's request before the coach can leave the dugout. Remember that the umpire's decisions are final and backed by the league of commissioners.

All players are to remain in the dugout except for the player in the on-deck circle. Players and Coaches are not allowed in the stands during the game.

Everyone needs to be praised for the efforts and not criticized for mistakes. The players are here to learn and have fun. We all want their experience to be happy and stress free. It is the responsibility of the league commissioner, coaches and parents to ensure that our kids enjoy themselves and learn the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork. LET THE KIDS HAVE FUN!!

WNC Fall Ball

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