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2-A Game Schedules and Scores Link
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4A Game Schedule

COACHES!!! Keep a check on the news for updated scores and news concerning 4-A here.Thanks Gary C

We would like to welcome all the 4-A teams, coaches and parents to THE GREATEST SHOW ON DIRT IN THE FALL.To those first year teams and coaches we extend a special welcome and hope to make this a great experience for all the teams involved.This year we have 14-teams in this division,9-in town teams and 5-out of town teams."Let's work together" to make this the BEST SEASON POSSIBLE!!Thank-You Gary Chandler -4-A commisioner ps:Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me @ 828-779-0355 or e-mail gmc57tarheel@yahoo.com
It has been brought to my attention that some coaches have had problems controlling themselves and keeping this game in perspective.

I have had numerous complaints about coaches becoming to intense about this child's game.

This is unacceptable. I have spoken to the board members of WNC FALL BASEBALL, and the umpires for our league. This behavior will no longer be tolerated.

Should anyone-coaches, parents, or spectators become out of control at any time during the remainder of the season they will be asked to leave the fields and will not return.

This is a league that is built on teaching children a little baseball and a lot about having fun. Please keep this mind set.

For the most part all of our coaches are doing a wonderful job and I expect it to continue.

Coaching is a stressful job however, adults in this capacity should be able to communicate effectively without screaming at children and other adults.

Head Coaches please make everyone involved with your team aware of this. Some may not have access to the web page so feel free to print and distribute.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Should you have questions please feel free to contact me at 828-713-5775.
Games are posted
Junior League Schedule is here
Fall Ball Wooden Bat Senior league

Wood Bat Seniors Schedule is here
Opening Day is Septmeber 1st
Team sites at KidsDugout

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Complete Schedule Will Be Posted By August 23rd
Day/Date Time Field Game # Visitor Home
Saturday, August 25 12:00 VS 1 Asheville Brevard
2:00 VS 2 Reynolds Patton
4:00 VS 3 ABC App. Alliance

12:00 BERK 4 North Henderson Owen
2:00 BERK 5 The Wood Swain
4:00 BERK 6 Henderson Co. Erwin

Sunday, August 26 3:00 VS 7 Roberson Smoky Mt. Wildcats
5:00 VS 8 Enka East Henderson

Monday, August 27 6:00 VS 9 Asheville ABC
8:00 VS 10 App. Alliance Brevard

Tuesday, August 28 6:00 VS 11 East Henderson Erwin
8:00 VS 12 Enka Henderson Co.

Wed., August 29 6;00 VS 13 Patton North Henderson
8:00 VS 14 Owen Reynolds

Thurs., August 30 6:00 VS 15 Roberson Swain
8:00 VS 16 Smoky Mt. Wildcats The Wood

JL Schedule
Date Day Time Home vs Visitor Park
9/7 Tues 6:00 MUDCATS vs YANKEES Oakley
9/9 Wed 6:00 CARDINALS vs ANGELS Oakley
9/10 Thur 6:00 YANKEES vs RAYS Oakley
9/11 Sat 2:00 ANGELS vs MUDCATS Oakley
9/11 Sat 4:00 RAYS vs CARDINALS Oakley
9/13 Mon 6:00 YANKEES vs CARDINALS Oakley
9/14 Tues 6:00 RAYS vs ANGELS Oakley
9/16 Thur 6:00 CARDINALS vs MUDCATS Oakley
9/18 Sat 2:00 ANGELS vs YANKEES Oakley
9/18 Sat 4:00 MUDCATS vs RAYS Oakley
9/20 Mon 6:00 RAYS vs YANKEES Oakley
9/21 Tues 6:00 ANGELS vs CARDINALS Oakley
9/23 Thur 6:00 YANKEES vs MUDCATS Oakley
9/25 Baseball Camp
9/27 Mon 6:00 CARDINALS vs YANKEES Oakley
9/28 Tues 6:00 ANGELS vs RAYS Oakley
9/30 Thur 6:00 MUDCATS vs CARDINALS Oakley
10/2 Sat 2:00 YANKEES vs ANGELS Oakley
10/2 Sat 4:00 RAYS vs MUDCATS Oakley
10/4 Mon 6:00 YANKEES vs RAYS Oakley
10/5 Tues 6:00 CARDINALS vs ANGELS Oakley
10/7 Thur 6:00 MUDCATS vs YANKEES Oakley
10/9 Sat 2:00 RAYS vs CARDINALS Oakley
10/9 Sat 4:00 ANGELS vs MUDCATS Oakley
10/11 Mon 6:00 YANKEES vs CARDINALS Oakley
10/12 Tues 6:00 RAYS vs ANGELS Oakley
10/14 Thur 6:00 CARDINALS vs MUDCATS Oakley
10/16 Sat 2:00 ANGELS vs YANKEES Oakley
10/16 Sat 4:00 MUDCATS vs RAYS Oakley
10/18 Mon 6:00 CARDINALS vs RAYS Oakley
10/19 Tues 6:00 MUDCATS vs ANGELS Oakley
10/23 Sat Field Day
Home team coaches please call me with your game scores. This will allow the game scores to be viewed on the master schedule/score card on the website.

My telephone number is 828-713-5775 or 828-298-4147. You may also e-mail me at dbm@secontainer.com!

Thanks for all of your hard work this season it really makes my job easier!

Happy Baseball!

Donna Messer
T-Ball Commissioner
2A Tournament
The 2A regular season is over, and what a great season we had. Thanks to all of the teams that participated. The 2A post season tournament starts November 1st. All games will be played at Haw Creek. All games times will start at 6:00pm. See you there!
With umpire Jim leaving us to pursue new career we will now be seeing alot of new faces umpiring our games. This does not mean that the rules have changed! A few things that have been brought to my attention that are totally unacceptable.
1) At NO TIME during this season will we play with four strikes. The old way of three strikes your out still applies. Do not try to change this.
2) If a ball hits the pitcher/coach it is a dead ball it does not count as a strike or a pitch, and all runners will return to their respective bases.
3) If you have less than ten players, once all of your players have batted regardless of number you are finished for that inning. No batter will bat twice in the same inning! Not under any circumstance!

I hope this clarifies any rule discrepencies that may have happened thus far. Please let me know if any others should arise. Please do not try to take advantage of the "new umpires". This will be a learning process for them, and I expect each coach, assistant coach, player and parent to respect this and not make waves.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Please feel free to contact me at 828-713-5775 or 828-298-4147.

Happy Baseball!

Donna Messer
T-Ball commissioner
The age old question stills exists, How far out does a coach/pitcher go when meeting a play?

For the record, the understood rule as always been the baseline. The rule that we have adopted is the edge of the grass.

This is a no win situation. Some want the grass, some want the baseline, some want a circle, some want what ever is convenient for their team at that moment. For the most part we all want a fair deal.

However, in an effort to keep this game of "fun" into perspective the rule we will use is as follows:

No coach will go any less than the baseline and no further than the edge of the grass. Hopefully, we will meet happily in the MIDDLE!

The point, run to meet the play, go out at least to the baseline if it is a older kid in the outfield, a younger kid go out as far as you think you need to.

Be fair to each other. Don't stand on the baseline while a four year old trys to throw a ball to you after they have just chased it a mile out in the outfield. Remember, that little kid could be or has been at one time or another, yours.

I am upset about the actions some of you have taken in requesting rule clarifications so therefore the new policy will be that the HEAD COACH and only the head coach will confront the umpire, myself or any board member.

Hopefully, we will be able to get a handle on this before any negative decisions that impact teams are made.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Division 1 T-Ball
Click here for the 2006 T-BALL Schedule.

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